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We're here ready to give you the best services that we have here.


Website are one good way to advertise a brand or a products. We're ready to promote and advertise your brand or products.

Web-based Application

Web-based application offers easy to maintain with high level of reliability application that can fit easily to your business process, and help you to running the business process easier.

Mobile-based Application

Mobile-based applications are designed for easy access from anywhere and anytime when needed. The application is in your hand.

About Us

NULL Projects is a digital service vendor that want to help people or organization to digitalize their ideas or products.

Our Mission

NULL Projects is dedicated to deliver the efficient, effective, reliable applications or systems and help customer to solve their problems in information technology department.

Our Vision

To give NULL Projects opportunity to grow, and become the best choice to work, consult, collaborate, and create something that giving good impact to many people.

Our 4C Steps

Our 4C steps is designed to make the development until deliver process runs smoothly, and executed corresponds to client's expectations


We discussing and communicating about the requirement that client needs, and the best feature that you can insert in yout application.


We design and create the best application architecture and infrastructure that really fit with your application, based on the requirements.


We are ready to develop and compile the application, fixing bug, creating features, until the application is ready to deliver to the clients.


We're ready to deliver your application in real time, based on what we design in the concept step.

Contact Us

Our team will very happy to assist you with your questions. Just fill the form below, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia